Sensible business ideas to solve the problems caused by decades of corporate stupidity

It’s hard to ignore the warning signs (although some people manage it). If you have more than two functioning braincells and the freedom (or courage) to be brutally honest you can’t help but notice that things are looking a bit grim and it won’t be long before we’re in a lot of trouble. That’s all of us, not just the poor buggers in the Midwest of the USA or China– they’re just at the head of the queue that you and I are standing in.

Fortunately we still have time to exit the queue and save our sorry assets, but not a lot of time, so how do we do it?

Bad business practices got us in this mess , but fortunately smart business practices will get us out, and on this blog I’ll be sharing some of the ideas about business and sustainability that I have built up over 30 years of reading everything I can and listening to what the smart people have to say. Tell me what you think, disagree with me when I’m wrong and introduce me to your ideas, it’s the only way I can think of to get out of that bloody queue.

2 Comments to “Sensible business ideas to solve the problems caused by decades of corporate stupidity”

  1. Tim Groser taking NZ out of the second period of the Kyoto Protocol when some us have established forest sinks under the Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative, is a backwards step. Under the PFSI our sink accrues 800 Assigned Amount Units a year. I wonder where Groser thinks these units are going to come from after 2015 if NZ is not in the second period.

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