What the f#@k is going on?

The world is run by idiots, crooks and nasty bastards: Donald Trump, the Chinese Communist Party and Vladimir Putin aren’t just isolated instances, they’re archetypes! And the world they’re running is the world my children are going to live in, which means my kids are in serious danger unless I do something about it.

I’ve put together this blog because I just can’t sit back and hope for the best. I may be wasting my time, but doing nothing is not just an even bigger waste of my time, expertise, knowledge and passion; it’s something to be ashamed of.

So this blog has two purposes: to shine a light on the idiots, crooks and psychopaths, and at the same time come up with better ways of doing stuff.


2 thoughts on “What the f#@k is going on?

  1. Tim Groser taking NZ out of the second period of the Kyoto Protocol when some us have established forest sinks under the Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative, is a backwards step. Under the PFSI our sink accrues 800 Assigned Amount Units a year. I wonder where Groser thinks these units are going to come from after 2015 if NZ is not in the second period.

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