The state of sustainability in Christchurch

I have finished putting together the results of a survey of the status of sustainability in the Christchurch rebuild and if sustainability is important to the rebuild, we have a problem.

96 people, primarily either from Christchurch or connected to the rebuild completed the survey. The survey targeted people who either operated sustainable businesses or had an interest, and understandably the overwhelming majority (92%) believed that it was important for the rebuild to be based around sustainable principles. It was felt by 82% of the participants that it was urgent to get sustainability central to the planning process.

Most people (59%) thought that sustainability had gained profile since the quakes, but unfortunately most people (over 75%) thought that the wider business community really knew what sustainability was, why it was a good idea or how to do it. And that’s why only 36% thought that there was a reasonable chance that Christchurch would be rebuilt along sustainable lines.

My report has more detail, including some of the ideas that people think will make sustainability what defines the rebuild. What do you think? What do you think we need to do?

Click here to read the report on sustainability and the Christchurch rebuild

What if we had known 2 years ago what was about to happen? Would our cathedral still be standing? Is our future as important as our heritage?

3 thoughts on “The state of sustainability in Christchurch

  1. Hi David

    Buckminster Fuller said – We can’t change how people think. The only thing we can do is give them a tool that when they use it changes how they think’. So the question is what’s the tool we need here?



  2. An insightful report Dave. It’s unfortunate to see how public interest for rebuilding a sustainable CHCH has effectively died. I remember when, after the Feb quake, there was a palpable excitement surrounding the rebuild of CHCH, touted as the model future city, with sustainable plans drawn-up and good to go. I was inspired by what seemed like an entire city getting behind the project, including government, businesses, communities and individuals. What happened to these plans and why aren’t they now going to be implemented?

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