A well written post in response to the ramblings of one Cameron Slater (Whale Oil). Cameron’s frantic denial of the reality that surrounds him reminds me of Comical Ali from the Iraq war, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfAeMtcURg0

Unfortunately it is people like Slater that have paralysed our politicians because it’s easier to do nothing when the public are deceived and confused.

Open Parachute

How’s this for an egregious example of confirmation bias. This morning the local blog Whale oil presents this graphic to “prove” his assertions that current climate science is a “hoax’ and those who accept the science are either fools or worse (see Chart of the Day – Proof of global warming).

guide_2505022cThe chart is taken from well-known climate denying journalist Christopher Booker’s Telegraph article Look at the graph to see the evidence of global warming. Trouble is, one has to do a lot of ignoring of facts to produce such charts. In fact he has taken only two data points (and drawn a vague sort of line between them). Isn’t Booker’s little chart somewhat misleading when you see what he ignores in the total data set:

I discuss this sort of cherry picking in my recent post Climate change is not simple:

“There’s a lot of noise…

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